Get on Your Bike!

For all those that need more incentive to go by bike whether to work or just running your daily errands, check out this article outlining 10 great reasons to travel by bike. It’s time to get out of the car and experience a new world through the lens of your bicycle!


1. Shape up that Booty

Everybody loves a great derriere, what better way to shape up that behind than by sitting on it as you cycle. Whether you are male or female, having a better-shaped butt works wonders for your confidence!

2. Arrive at Work Feeling Energized

So many people trod into work after sitting in the car in traffic or on public transport with low energy vibrations. By cycling to work, you can change all that. After biking to work, you would have effectively awoken your brain cells ready to hit the ground running, full of energy as soon you arrive at the office.

3. Put a Big Fat Smile on Your Face

Cycling elevates your mood and makes you happier. Who wouldn’t want to arrive at work feeling happy and fresh ready to attack the day. Instead of screaming about traffic or packing yourself like sardines on a bus or a train, enjoy the open road of cycling.

4. Build Legs of Steel

There’s a great reason why magazines always exhibit lovely shaped legs, they look good! Build legs of steel by adding cycling to your weekly routine. Gain powerful looking legs in addition to shaping your entire body. It will also help you feel stronger when you are out walking, especially when you take the stairs.

5. Whiz Past Traffic Jams

Why allow others to ruin your mood even before your work day begins. Take matters into your hands right now by cycling to work. Say goodbye to traffic jams and arrive at work full of energy and in happy spirits.

6. Give a Little Love to the Earth

Nowadays, everybody it can be easy to forget about giving back to our beautiful planet when we are busy. Bike riding allows you to give back some love to our beautiful Earth that offers us so much abundance of opportunity in return. With all the bike tracks around the Gold Coast, you are never short of somewhere to ride.

7. Log a Little Extra Sweat for the Day

Add some sweat to your daily routine. Sweat is good for you, it means your body is working hard. Cycling is just the exercise you need to fire you up for work in the morning.

8. Act Like a Kid Again

Turn back the clock to your youthful exuberance. Bike and act like you are a daring teenager once again. As they say, don’t ever grow up, play on your bike like you were a kid, you are going to love it.

9. See Things You Wouldn’t Notice in a Car

Don’t let our beautiful planet pass you by. The Gold Coast is an amazing place to go bike riding. Take some time to relax and enjoy the scenic paradise that nature provides. You are going to find that your brain observes so much more that you normally wouldn’t through driving. Our beautiful coastline in itself is a good reason to jump on the bike and go for a ride.

10. Feel the Wind

Get out of your stuffy care and embrace nature. Why drive to work only to be stuck in a cubicle all day. Use your bicycle to feel the wind in your face and at your back as you enter a new world. Same goes for when you are going for lunch or breakfast, with so many fantastic places to choose from on the Gold Coast, why not get on your bike and feel refreshed as well as working up an appetite!


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