Cycling for Brain Development

Bike riding is not only good exercise in general for your entire body, but it’s also specifically great for your brain development. Brain development should always be a continuous aim in life, even when not studying. If you want continuous brain development, take up bike riding. Bike riding requires more simultaneous brain functions than simply running or other forms of exercise. When you are cycling, you are demanding more brain activity as your body is in balance trying to execute the range of impulses all acting in sync. When you demand more exertion, your body has to elevate to meet the challenge. Bike riding is an excellent challenge for your brain. The more you challenge the brain, the more capacity for learning and growth! Bike riding is a fun activity to add to your daily routine.

There’s nothing like delivering a range of mental and physical exercise to your brain and body. Cycling will help you reach more focus as your body maintains deep concentration. Cycling, along with other kinds of strenuous exercise, has been proven to boost a part of the brain known as the hippocampus associated with learning development and memory. A study conducted at the University of Illinois determined that the hippocampus of participants increased several percent, boosting memory and problem-solving skills as well upon about 6 months of daily biking. You can’t argue with science! It makes sense that bike riding would be beneficial for both brain and body.

Improved Brain Cognitive Function

Improving the brain’s cognitive functioning increases the quality of your life as you develop more awareness and presence. Who wouldn’t desire a better functioning brain? As you are undoubtedly aware, stress is becoming an increasingly serious problem for many people from all walks of life. Cycling can help keep stress at bay due to the cognitive and physical demands. In the process of cycling, it will be hard for your brain to worry, as you relax and enjoy the exercise itself. Bike riding works out your entire body, improving cardiovascular conditioning, muscle strength, endurance, posture, and flexibility all at the same time. You will also be helping your body maximize its use of oxygen. Your brain greatly desires this type of increased workload. Daily stress on the brain is not to be under-estimated. Bike riding will boost circulation and loosen stiff muscles causing the entire body to coordinate in sync.

The process of bike riding boosts your brain’s white matter which serves as the communication hub. Increased white matter is conducive to quicker connections. A recent study out of the Netherlands discovered that bike riding boosts both the integrity and density of white matter and speeding up connections in the brain. Not only will cycling improve your general health, it will boost brain performance elevating your mood and increasing memory skills. Bike riders also have lower levels of depression and anxiety – in case you need any more inspiration and motivation to begin immediately.

Bike Riding on the Gold Coast:

It’s fantastic to see the City of Gold Coast encouraging people to get on their bikes and be more active. You can find a whole lot of information about local bike tracks, cycling workshops and bike safety. Read more here: