Q&A with Phil Liggett


Our second Jewel Residences Oceanway Ride is bringing us even more excitement! We talked to Phil Liggett, our much-loved event Ambassador and the Voice of Cycling, a few questions about cycling and in particular his involvement in Oceanway Ride for the second year running.


Oceanway Ride: This is now your second year an ambassador for the Oceanway Ride, what was the highlight for you during last year’s ride?

Phil Liggett: Last year, I was reliving fond memories of a beautiful area of Queensland where I last visited about 25 years ago.  I enjoyed the VIP ride and meeting some influential people who seemed willing to see this new event progress. The highlight was commentating on the children and seeing, I hope, the young stars of the future in the making.



Oceanway Ride: We were excited to announce that Drone Iview Australia will be capturing the riders from the air this year; it’s becoming more like the Tour de France than ever! What’s your favourite aspect of commentating on cycle events?

Phil Liggett: Using drones to bring us the pictures from the air will give a whole new aspect to the coverage of the rides. Many of the best shots from the Tour de France come from the helicopters alongside the riders. The drones, which produce amazing pictures, will make Queensland look spectacular and bring a Tour de France atmosphere to the day.



Oceanway Ride: Whizzing downhill on a bike is often great fun, but the riders in the Tour de France take on descents at death-defying speeds!! The Sea to the Summit Gran Fondo has both a tricky ascent and descent up through the Gold Coast Hinterland. What do you personally find more challenging; a grueling up-hill climb or a scary, steep descent?

Phil Liggett: Descending at speeds of up to 100kph in a professional bike race is not for the inexperienced rider. The skill is often as important as climbing, but remember, professionals are just that, so when among a group of less experienced riders, think before you take chances. Climbing to me, is an admired talent and there’s no better feeling then pedaling effortlessly away from everyone on a steep climb, If you do get dropped, then descending fast is the way back, but don’t take risks.

Love the challenge of a hill climb or descent? Register for the Sea to the Summit Gran Fondo here: https://oceanwayride.com.au/sea-summit-gran-fondo/



Oceanway Ride: “What advice would you give to cyclists taking on the climb and descent of Tamborine Mountain?”

Phil Liggett: “When you encounter Tamborine Mountain, if you do not know the climb, then treat it with respect and let your body’s feeling take you up it. Pace yourself and then you will finish strongly. I don’t know the descent, but you are not alone on the road so be conscious of the riders around you and never undertake on the bends.”

Want to give this ride a go? Register for the Sea to the Summit Gran Fondo here: https://oceanwayride.com.au/sea-summit-gran-fondo/



Oceanway Ride: “Cycling on the Gold Coast (especially in summer), can be very different to cycling in London for instance, what would you recommend to cyclists in terms of food/drink before taking on a long ride in the heat?”

Phil Liggett: “Summer in Queensland is usually very hot, so when you go for a long ride (or even a short) never underestimate your on-board fluid. Start drinking within 20 minutes of the ride beginning and sip little and often. Do not glug down a full bidon of fluid in one go. If you need to, then you are already in the stages of serious dehydration. With food and drink when riding in hot condition, little and often is the way to go.”



Oceanway Ride: What would you like to say to anyone who hasn’t already signed up for this year’s Oceanway Ride who likes to cycle?

Phil Liggett: I enjoyed seeing everyone enjoying themselves last year and, a year on, many of you will be more ambitious and confident. Make sure you train, but this does not mean necessarily riding the full distance, and you will enjoy the occasion even more second time around. Riding a bike has been my life, but if you are just starting, the Oceanway Ride is giving you a target to reach. It’s like exams, swatting is the secret to success, so if you train, the ride on the day will be far more enjoyable.


Not yet registered for this year’s Jewel Residences Oceanway Ride? Enter here: https://oceanwayride.com.au